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As promised, some photos!

This is the only evidence of the cheesecake I made for Thanksgiving. I got the recipe from the PPK (always so many good recipes) and it was insanely good. You can definitely make it without the crunch topping if you wanted to have a plain pumpkin cheesecake. What’s nice about this recipe is that it doesn’t use vegan cream cheese, which can end up making one cheesecake really expensive. The creaminess comes from a mixture of silken tofu, cashews, and banana. For whatever reason, the banana was a really prominent flavor (at least for me). I might cut down the banana a little bit next time. I also realized that since this was a marbled cheesecake, the regular cheesecake parts that didn’t have pumpkin in them were probably the more banana-y tasting bites. There you go. Analysis.

Some vegan goodies at the farmer’s market downtown.

My smoky potato “sausage” breakfast taco. Yummmmm.

We went hiking at Mt. Bonnell, Austin’s highest point!

Merry Crimbus! (Thanks Jetski for taking this picture.) We are so excited to go home for Christmas. I love Austin but it’s been rough being away from friends and fam.

I’ve got some ‘za in the oven, and it smells heavenly. Have a good weekend.