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In my mind, pumpkin never goes out of season.

I made pumpkin oatmeal this morning! I loosely based it off of this recipe, from Good Life Eats. I didn’t want to bake it, nor do I have ramekins (that’s a lie..I have a few but they are covered in paint). I stocked up on pumpkin last night at the grocery store, too, because I have this fear of stores running out and me not being able to satisfy my pumpkin needs. I sure hope our friends come to visit in March, because I will most definitely treat them to those pumpkin cinnamon rolls I made a while back…INCENTIVE, GUYS!

I just made a single serving of oatmeal, following the instructions on the container. When it was almost done, I added a couple heaping spoonfuls of ground flax and pumpkin puree. Then I eyeballed some cinnamon & ginger, and a few little shakes of allspice and nutmeg. I added some brown sugar to taste, as it was a little bland. I think the sweetness of the sugar brought out all those pumpkin pie flavors a bit more. I topped it with walnuts, refilled my coffee, and then watched the new episode of New Girl. Good morning.


(photo via Pinterest, via Naturally Ella)